Fan Film - Legion: The Stormtrooper Chronicles (Review)

  Legion: The Stormtrooper Chronicles is an outstanding 3 minutes short film. It drops us right into a spawn-point during a Rebel assault on an Imperial base. The story is narrated by our protagonist, which is well written, and the cinematography is outstanding.

  An Officer orders the Stormtrooper to escort him to a shuttle, supposedly because an Admiral asked for him personally. But his skiddishness and stuttering hint towards the fact that he's actually leaving because he is scared.

  Nevertheless, the Stormtrooper follows the order. Of course this escort mission (don't we all hate these?) runs into some trouble, and the Officer shows his lack of skill by frantically shooting at and missing the last Rebel. Our protagonist finishes him off, and I can only imagine how he is looking at the Officer, but he stays professional. Incredibly well done.

  And then we see a trooper get shot, and while he's down on the ground he sees the shuttle leaving. Mission accomplished. 

  The end-scene makes it clear he was not our protagonist, but it doesn't matter: they are Stormtroopers, what our narrater tells us counts for all of them. Fan-tastic.

Article by: Joel “Mith” Storms