Fan FIlm - Kara (Review)

  In the short film Kara we see a father and daughter making their way to a rebel base. Judging by the first scene at the campfire, they've been traveling for a while. And when they're finally approaching it, they see it's under attack by the Empire.

  Watching the battle in the sky from the ground is a refreshing take, and it's executed perfectly. The fighters are well done, and the sound effects and music bring it home. And then, when the father activates that shield, I'm astounded. The flashes of light, the special effects; perfection. The sky battle ends with one X-wing pilot ejecting. At least; that's where it ends for us, the battle moves out of sight.

  When Kara and her father approach the pilot where she landed, she is very mistrusting, and I feel she takes that a bit too far. Obviously they're not Stormtroopers, and the raised arms and calm voice should have been enough to tell her that they're not her enemies. They team up and walk to the Rebel base together, and then they're attacked by Stormtroopers from behind.

  This battle is also well executed. They're taking cover behind a ridge, and the Stormtroopers keep advancing while continuously firing. Her father doesn't want to give Kara a gun and keeps telling her to stay down. I liked that; it shows he's very protective and would rather risk his own head. But when they're flanked by a trooper I'm wondering where the heck he came from. And then the finale: her standing up and lifting the entire group of Stormtroopers up with the Force. Very well executed, and the acting of the Rebel pilot's reaction is good. It shows her surprise, a little awe, and disbelief in the same expression. Her father calms his daughter down after she gets very emotional over the Empire killing her mother, and tells her that she doesn't have to use her energy like that. I wonder if it's deliberate, in the sense that the Force is not commonly known as the Force anymore and they just referred to it as energy. Then she puts them down, after which the pilot quickly shoots them all, which is cool.

  The last 2 minutes of the film drag a little, which is unfortunate, but overall I like this a lot.

Article by: Joel "Mith" Storms