Growing Hate is a fan film from German origin. It features a Jedi Knight and his apprentice, on a mission to Yavin XI. 

  The traditional opening crawl is replaced with an audio log between Master Worssim and a communications officer in the Clone Wars. This makes the setup go a little slow, without really adding anything of substance over the crawl. Then we see Worssim and Bren approach the moon in two X-wings, which are really well done. While they approach the coordinates on foot, Bren gets a lecture about a previous mission and that he should behave differently. But he feels as though he did nothing wrong, because the mission was successful in the end. It's a shame that Bren looks like he can burst out laughing at any time, which really hurts the delivery of this otherwise good scene. He then takes off to sulk in the distance, which is fitting for the teenager that he is at this point.

  Bren then approaches a big lump of rocks, on which a hooded figure sits ominously. He climbs up to him, maybe to deprive him of the high ground. What I really like in the resulting fight is the use of a drone to film this. It gives a very open impression. The Dark Jedi is toying with him, and then tries to seduce him to the Dark Side. Meanwhile Worssim realizes that the coordinates aren't really where the informant is, so he heads back to Bren. And he arrives just in time to save his life. He then takes off his Jedi robe in a really cool way, and takes on the enemy. We then get a fight in which I would've really liked more enough drone shots, which ends with Bren being Force pushed and blacking out. When he wakes up, his master is dead...

Article by: Joel "Mith" Storms