As the name already gives away, the Knight of Ren is about some of the Jedi who split off from the order with Ben Solo. This particular film is set during that time, when some of Luke's other students were still alive. The special effects are quite decent, and the brutality of the fights more than compensate for the bad writing.

  It starts with Kylo Ren telling two of his followers to kill the Jedi. I thank them for the hardcoded subtitles on Kylo Ren, because he's hard to understand in his mask. It's three against five, or rather four-and-a-half. The first clashing of lightsabers is promising, for just a couple teens the choreography is very good. But what really sets me on the edge of my seat is Kylo's first kill: the lightsaber stab through the head. The bar is set. A couple moments later the kid manages to floor Kylo Ren, and he proudly turns around. You could make the argument that he just stands there like an idiot, but considering he's just a kid who knocked down the leader of the other team I'd say his reaction is spot on. But of course it also proves fatal when Kylo gets up and stabs him through the heart. Kal senses incoming danger and runs towards the X-Wing that approaches them. He deflects a shots, and then slices the starfighter open. While looking good, I wonder what the pilot was thinking when he flew so low, and why he would close the wings. 

  The story that they present next is lacking in several parts. Two things I do like before the next fight are the threat of Kylo Ren that he can't protect Kal if he fails, and the easter-egg of the lightsaber in the snow just like on Hoth. Kal takes on the first Jedi, their lightsabers clash, he rolls over the Jedi's back and in one sweeping motion slices off half his head! Forget slicing off hands, this is way cooler! The next shot shows the Jedi's robes falling empty to the ground, which is a nice touch. Then he takes on the second Jedi who uses both the light and the dark side, as revealed by his purple lightsaber. Their battle is also good, and Kal manages to destroy the purple lightsaber. The Grey Jedi calls for the other two lightsabers and gets into some sweet double-wielding action. But then Kal manages to hit him. The lightsaber-wound instantly closes, like it should, and he calls on the dark side to keep going. I love that he doesn't hold back now, using Force-lightning and hard strikes to kill Kal. And then in the final scene the reinforcements arrive, and he's able to give Luke's lightsaber to the Jedi, telling him to take it to Maz Kanata.

Article by: Joel "Mith" Storms