Sith Tradition dictates that a master must teach his student everything he knows. When the apprentice is ready he must kill him and take his place. In this fanfilm a Sith master tries to teach his apprentice some very deep and well thought out lessons, but then the student makes a common mistake. The outstanding story, spectacular combat and great special effects make this a must-see.

  The master asks his student about the fundamental differences between the Sith and the Jedi. His student recites the words, slightly annoyed by the elementary questions. His master goes on and explains that light and dark need each other, that the Force is not a simple black or white matter. He draws his lightsaber and lets it absorb a little Force lightning, to illustrate his argument. His teachings are exactly what Palpatine was talking about when he said to reach understanding one must study every aspect, which shows the narrow view of the Jedi. The apprentice firm belief in the Sith code prevents him from learning the lesson that his master tries to bestow on him. In his arrogance he makes the same mistake as the Jedi when it comes to understanding the enemy. 

  And then we get a very intriguing lesson, one that we actually rarely see in the Sith. While the Sith embrace their emotions and use them to fuel their power, they always only embrace fear, anger and hate. But those are just a few emotions of the spectrum. The master knows they will blind and consume, and recognizes it's a trap that many Sith fall for. But his student is too eager to kill Jedi and doesn't want to learn that positive emotions can also be a source of strength. His hate makes him blind and arrogant, and he attacks his master.

  Fast strikes dominate the first phase, but they don't just limit the combat to the clashing of lightsabers. The master shows his superiority by toying with his student; dodging instead of blocking and using fists and kicks instead of striking him down at easy opportunities. Now despising his master the apprentice resorts to lightning, which the master easily catches in his lightsaber. This may be the moment when he realizes his apprentice will never truly embrace today's teachings, which makes him unworthy to take over.

  He stops blocking with his lightsaber and starts using his own lightning to counter his apprentice's, who puts considerably more effort into it. I love how they show the master's superiority in all aspects, it really sets them - and this fanfilm - apart. The explosion staggers them both, and they go back to using their lightsabers. Great choreography and music builds up to the climax, where the master disarms his student and stabs him through his torso. 

  Wounded, the student falls on his knees and awaits his master's judgement. He tries for mercy, to get another chance to become a worthy successor. Maybe he would've had a chance for that if he'd shown any progress. But his master had already learned that he is not a worthy successor, and executes him.

Article by: Joel "Mith" Storms