Mirialan treasure hunter Eida Odessi and her scrapped-together droid T5-88 search for old relics in the Treasure of the Lost Jedi. Although the actual story itself is good, the film is mostly carried by the entertaining dialogue of the duo. Additionally the music gives a very good Star Wars feel without the use of John Williams' score, and the editing, make-up and special effects are done well.

  Stormtroopers chase Eida through the forest. The shots are interesting; Eida and the stormtroopers run through the frame so close to the camera that only their torsos and upper legs show, while the alternating shots show T5 from a distance walking slowly. The first joke draws a chuckle, and a traditional screenwipe takes us to the next scene.
Having lost their pursuers, she can focus on the map that leads her to the artifact. T5 expresses his concern with her obsession over these relics, and the close up shows just how much effort the team put into his suit. His parts aren't all working that well, indicated by his eyes flickering and his voice hampering, which adds a lot of character to the droid - and the film. 

  The old ruins they found are nicely ornamented with Old Republic script. Credit to the editors; I had to look really close to see that the signs were artificially added in the editing room. Especially with the camera movements I can see how much effort it takes to keep them on the pillars. The text forms a puzzle on the pillars, solved by putting a Kyber crystal on the near bench. I love the thought they put into this. It feels like they were strongly inspired by the Old Republic games, and it's a fun thing to see in a film. Figuring out the puzzle rewards them with coordinates, but then they are ambushed.

  The bounty hunters, speaking in Rodian or Huttese which is a really nice touch, tell Eida that she's put some dangerous people on her tail. Eida and T5 are unarmed so it's easy to overpower them, but even then Eida tries to get her hands on a thermal detonator on the belt of her attacker. Then she tells the droid to give them the terms of their surrender. Her trusty companion bows and, with a short introduction to their surrender, explodes. Fantastic scene! Great acting and a nice explosion.

  When Eida wakes up her stuff is all scattered over the floor, along with pieces of T5. She quickly grabs her items and pauses when she is confronted with T5 head. Visibly taken aback she slowly walks away to the treasure. And all her troubles are proven to have been worth it when she discovers a chest full of holocrons there. Then she goes back to collect T5's remains, which presumably means she will rebuild him. Or transfer his memory banks into her ship's.

Article by: Joel "Mith" Storms