Fan Film - Odyssey: A Star Wars Story (Review)

After watching Odyssey: A Star Wars Story, my mind was changed about fan films as a whole. I had always assumed they were just garbage acting combined with terrible stories. Immediately, the film surprised me with professional acting and fairly-good animation. The costumes and even minor detail was completely accurate to the Star Wars franchise.

Even with all of this, it does have an annoying cliche that I really hate; having the end of the movie as the start, with some nameless guy narrating it all. This cliche combined with the fact that the main character risked the entire mission to save one random dude from being executed was a terrible choice. Yes, the scene showed the amount of care the rebels had versus the Empire, but the only thing it really proved was the fact that the Empire will punish treason with death and the Rebellion are a bunch of impulsive morons.

Obviously the people who made this film support the Jedi and Rebellion, whereas I support the obviously better team: Empire/Sith, but they did make a really enjoyable movie that surprisingly left me craving more. For once I have actually scene a Fan Film that completely blew me away.

Article by: Mat “Quarter J” Sterlin