Top 10 Movies Of Each Year From Each Decade (1960s)

Top 10 Movies Of Each Year From Each Decade (1960s)

And so it begins...the big countdown of my favorite movies from each year from 1960-2019.

Now even though this is my countdown I encourage you to list your own as we go through every one of our favorite movies from each year and explain why? We will be doing 10 movies each week to make it a bit more eventful starting with this one for this week.

Now I'll be the first to tell you I'm more of a 70's guy onward but there was just enough from the 60's to push it back to the 60's with a few all timers sprinkled in to not leave it out.

so without further ado…


  • 1960- PSYCHO

    • Now this is one of those movies I was alluding to. Psycho is an all time classic that not just I, but the whole world finds themselves coming back to over and over again. Did someone say Hitchcockian? I'll be honest I'm not exactly sure when this term was born but I always related it to Psycho and whether it's Hitchcock's best or not is debatable but what is non-debatable is where my mind goes when I hear the name guessed it, Psycho! From the cool effects we found out years later like the Hershey's Syrup, to the flip you on it's head middle act, taking out your main character Marion Crane in the infamous shower scene to Norman Bates infamous EVIL stare as it slowly goes to credits you just can't do much better than Psycho.

  • 1961- 101 Dalmatians

    • Now there won't be many Disney movies on this list I promise and I also Promise this won't be the most SURPRISING thing on this list but I got to give credit where it's due! This was simply unequivocally one of my favorites as a kid and without as many movies for me to personally choose from in the 60's what do you know? This came out on top. Truth be told though I always loved Pongo and Perdita's relationship and that Cruella De Vil was a complete bitch of a Villian. Ever notice how it's De Vil….DEVIL! Yeah that was most definitely not a coincidence.

  • 1962- Carnival of Souls

    • Now this is one I need to get a refresher on because it's been years since I've seen it but I remember loving it as a kid. I vividly remember anything black and white putting me to sleep as a kid, even Psycho! This happened mainly cause I had absolutely no idea what I was talking about (or good taste for that matter) but something about this particular film made it an outlier. I really enjoyed Mary's journey to figure out the mysteries of her past and all the stuff that made Mary drawn to this carnival. I'd definitely be interested in adding this one to my collection to see if it still holds up as well as I imagine it would.

  • 1963- It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, World

    • It's a MADDDDDD WORLD INDEED! Well, at least when money is involved, this is one of, if not the first comedy I remember seeing as a kid and let me tell you something, if you haven't seen the beautiful,comedic insanity play out then you need to fix that ASAP! As soon as everyone finds out in this big traffic jam that there is money buried under the Big W and is up for grabs then it's all systems are go from there on out and the insanity never let's up! It's a long, long, long, long movie especially for a comedy seeing as it is over 3 hours long but that's because we follow around so many different groups of characters in pursuit of this fortune they've been notified of and there is never a dull moment to be had here.

  • 1965- The Sound of Music

    • Remember when I told you 101 Dalmatians won't even be the most surprising movie on this list well, here we are folks and this is coming from someone who's not even a fan of musicals but what can I say? I guess with the slim pickings this select year for me and all the times I got stuck watching this with my Grandma actually caught up to me. I myself didn't even realize the pretty heavy nostalgia I have for this movie until I made this list so chances are I'm just as confused/surprised as you are.

  • 1966- Batman

    • I like most kids loved everything to do with the caped crusader growing up but long before we got the Michael Keaton’s and Christian Bale’s of the world as Batman we got Adam West in the TV Series turned big screen movie where they took on the likes of Catwoman, The Joker and The Riddler. Now naturally being from the 60's it is a bit dated compared to the Batman renditions we get today but there is a certain charm to all the actual comic book-like bams and pows that fly at your head like a batman out of hell, off the screen straight to your retinas and I gotta say I still love it.

  • 1967- The Jungle Book

    • SPOILER ALERT- this will be the final Disney Cartoon on these lists and it's not like my favorite or anything but a few of the others I'd put above it had steeper competition in their respective years and it's still a damn good movie. I even prefer it over the somewhat recently released live action one and it wouldn't feel right without having a couple of the many great Disney Cartoons on these lists. Mowgli and Balloo are two of my favorite Disney characters ever, Shere Khan is a very effective villain and Bageera isn't too bad himself. The Jungle Book is a classic and is one I look forward to introducing to my own daughter  in the next year or so.

  • 1968- The Planet of the Apes

    • Man oh man do I love this movie. Absolutely, unequivocally my favorite movie of the 60's and one of my favorite movie franchises of all time. Planet of the Apes has been a motto of consistency for years now and hopefully many more years to come now that the impeccable Reboot Trilogy has come to a close but that all started with the original that established a strong base for that motto of consistency to begin. George played by the late great Charlton Heston was great as the lead and somebody you really wanted to see overcome this mess he found himself in. Who can say a negative on Cornelius and Zira? Even as talking apes they're one of my favorite movie couples ever put to screen . Sure the Ape suits look a little rough now when compared to the new trilogies mesmerizing CGI but you won't see me love it any less.

  • 1969- True Grit

    • Much like how the Sound of Music was somewhat imprinted on me from my Grandma, True Grit was imprinted on me by my Grandpa. Both movies were movies I hated as a kid and now oddly enough,years later they're both claiming top spots on the best of their respective years on my countdown. Unlike The Sound of Music I actually didn't mind True Grit and the plethora of other John Wayne movies my Grandpa threw my way as a kid, but John Wayne was someone I got tired of rather quickly because my Grandpa damn near worshipped two guys and all of their movies, those two guys were John Wayne and Bruce Lee and for anyone who knows me knows anyone cutting into my Bruce Lee time is public enemy number 1 because I am a Bruce Lee fanatic, but here we are all these years later and with my Grandpa passing recently the more I look back on how those westerns really weren't that bad after all. John Wayne is cool in my book Grandpa! Now I could go on more and more about the movie but what else is there to say about True Grit and John Wayne really? 

I hope y'all have enjoyed my 60-69 portion of my favorite movie from each year countdown. Make sure to post YOUR lists in the comment section and to stay tuned cause it's only going to get better from here!

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