Westbrook / Chris Paul Trade

In a way we could see this coming but it's still wild to think of yet another wild shakeup in the NBA like this one. Westbrook reuniting with his old buddy James Harden and not only that we're talking about a Russell Westbrook that a lot of people thought was going to stay in Oklahoma City his whole career…

Kawhi Leonard & Paul George to the Clippers

The Free Agency frenzy rages on as we finally get to see where everyone's main target is going and Kawhi Leonard is going to the Los Angeles….. CLIPPERS! Sorry Lakers fans and he's not just doing that he's bringing another star in Paul George with him as part of a Sign and Trade so get excited Clippers fans!

Kemba to the Celtics

Now this is an interesting one. Considering Kyrie and Kemba are similar players and it would appear that the Celtics will basically be doing a swap here electing to let Kyrie go into free agency.

Big 4 Team Trade

Earlier before it became a four team trade the Portland Trailblazers were receiving a huge piece in Hassan Whiteside for role players Mo Harkless and Meyers Leonard who found themselves on the Miami Heat, well now that it's become a 4 team Trade the Clippers have attained Mo Harkless, and Meyers Leonard still remains a member of the Heat.

D'Angelo Russell to the Warriors

Now Russell is nowhere near the caliber of Superstar Durant is but this Lefty's game is nothing to scoff at. From his sick handles to rainbow Threes and Floaters I'm sure he'll fit right in with the Warriors and he'll have that raucous crowd going as crazy as ever.

Mike Conley to the Jazz

Mike Conley was selected 4th Overall out of the Ohio State University and has been for quite a while now one of not only the most underrated Point Guards in the league but also one of the most underrated players in the league period!

Anthony Davis to the Lakers

After an injury plagued 2018-19 season that left the Lakers on the outside looking in terms of the playoff picture, the Lakers now looks to reboot and find themselves again and they start that journey by adding another big fish to go with the one they landed last season but at what cost?